About Peter

master artisan
Limitless imagination

In today’s world, when even the most expensive jewellery is mass produced, Bauer’s hand-wrought jewellery is prized for its refreshing individuality and superb handcrafting.

Peter grew up in a central European town steeped in jewellery making . His mother was a talented designer and his uncle owned a jewellery manufacturing business, where Peter made his first piece of jewellery at age 5. He went on to learn jewellery fabrication skills from his uncle. He completed extensive metalworking and art courses at the University of Vienna, where he earned two engineering degrees. He studied industrial design at London University and earned a masters degree in physics from Cambridge University, England.

Peter’s limitless imagination and innate curiosity drive his compelling designs and sensuous textures. Wildly exciting and always wearable, Peter’s jewellery is sold in fine shops and from his web site. Each piece bears his Registered Trademark and he’s authorised to use the Canadian National Mark.

His book, “Uncommon Jewellery-Making Techniques”, written for advanced jewellery makers, provides written and pictorial guidance in little-known techniques.


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